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April 2011 - Philmont Training Center

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Not to be confused with Philmont’s trek program, the Philmont Training Center has a variety of conferences designed for you, the leader! To tell us all about this beautiful place is Mark Griffin, the team leader for Volunteer Development at our national office in Irving, Texas. He is also the author of the book The Other Side of the Road: The Story of PTC.

February 2011 - Journey to Excellence

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The Centennial Quality Award is now a thing of the past, but don’t despair—your den and pack can still be recognized for their performance. Listen in as Stan Willey, organization specialist with the Council Management Solutions Department at the national office, shares with us everything we need to know to fulfill our Journey to Excellence!

January 2011 - Resourcefulness

BSA Cubcast -

You already know that Cubcast is a great resource to get ideas and inspiration for your den and pack meetings, and here to help us discover ways to teach our Cub Scouts how to tap into all the resources around us is Darlene Sprague. Darlene is a board member for the Greater Niagara Frontier Council and is area commissioner for the Northeast Region.


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