Uniform Information

Pack 634 Cub Scouts wear uniforms to their meetings and activities.


Whenever you see a person in a uniform, you get a quick sense of who they are and what they do. The members of a sports team wear their uniforms to say "I belong to this group." Police officers and firefighters wear their uniforms to say "I provide a service to my community." Even superheroes wear uniforms to say "I'm one of the good guys, and I stand for what's right."

Just like all of these people, Scouts also wear a uniform, and for the very same reasons. As a Cub Scout, you belong to a special group of people, you give service to your community, and you have made a promise to do your best to be one of the "good guys." Wearing your uniform is a way of saying these things to everyone who sees you.

Parts of the Uniform (as required by Pack 634)

The parts that make up your Cub Scout uniform are these:

  • The Cub Scout shirt, with long or short sleeves (with Pack Unit Numbers, World Scout Crest, and Council Path)
  • A cap that shows your rank in Cub Scouting—orange for Tiger Cub, yellow for Wolf Cub Scout, blue for Bear Cub Scout, and plaid for Webelos Scout
  • A neckerchief that matches the color of your cap
  • A blue belt with a brass buckle

Because Webelos Scouts are close to becoming Boy Scouts, some Webelos choose to wear the tan uniform shirt similar to the one that Boy Scouts wear.

Badges, Patches, Pins, and Medals

Besides showing that you are a member of the Cub Scouts, your uniform gives you a place to display your personal achievements and those of your den and pack. Badges of rank, award emblems, special recognitions, and the medals you win at Cub Scout activities are all sewn or pinned onto your uniform.

Wearing the Uniform

Unless your den leader says otherwise, you should wear your Cub Scout uniform to all Scouting activities—not only den and pack meetings, but every activity in which you take part with other Cub Scouts. Sometimes Pack 634 Scouts wear an alternate Pack t-shirt. You can purchase one from a Pack Committee Member.

Where to buy your Uniform

In our council, uniforms can be purchased at the Simon Kenton Council Scout Shop. The wonderful staff at the Shop will help you with all your uniform needs. You may also buy the uniform online.


Want to know more about your uniform? Check out this really cool interactive website: Boy Scouts of America Uniforms

Content courtesy of Boy Scouts of America: http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/CubScouts/Uniform/Boys.aspx